Hawea Vercoe Leadership Programme

Our unique model of support to empower young people

In Memory of Hawea Vercoe

Our Hawea Vercoe Leadership Programme is a tribute to the late Hawea Vercoe, former principal of Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Rotoiti, father of six, and at the time of his death, in his first term as Okurei Māori constituency member for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.  He has been described as one of Māoridom's most promising leaders; a man who did so much for his students and his community; and a politician before his time, changing the way of thinking of people in parliament and around the country.  He shared our goal of being part of Māori prospering and helping to build a great country with the work we do.

"He engaged so much of himself, provided so much leadership, mentored youth.  He would take a young person who wasn't confident and inject in them the belief that they were someone special"

The purpose of the Hawea Vercoe Leadership Programme is to identify, empower and support aspiring young Maori to gain quality roles in contributing to the social and economic growth of Aotearoa.  The 1:1 mentoring component of this programme will connect rangatahi with Māori mentors who are passionate about investing in the next generation to increase their potential and future opportunities.   The programme is designed to help identify the mentees strengths, build their confidence, resilience, leadership skills and assist with education and career pathways.



• A greater sense of self-worth, personal identity and confidence 
• Increased communication and relationship building skills
• Improved problem solving skills, ability to overcome challenges and resilience
• Greater knowledge around education/career options and the confidence to pursue those pathways
• Build a CV and enhance it with activities from the programme over the course of the year
• Mentors challenge and support mentees to operate outside of their current comfort zone

To register your interest in becoming a Mentor or Mentee please email or call 021856857