About our Mentor & Mentee Programme

Applications for our 2020 intake have currently closed

Programme outcomes for the Mentees

  • A greater sense of self-worth, personal identity and confidence
  • Increased communication and relationship building skills
  • Improved problem solving skills, ability to overcome challenges and resilience
  • Greater knowledge around education/career options and the confidence to pursue those pathways
  • Build a CV and enhance it with activities from the programme over the course of the year
  • Mentors challenge and support mentees to operate outside of their current comfort zone

Whats involved in being a 'Mentor'

Mentors on the Hawea Vercoe Leadership Programme play an important role to ensure that rangatahi gain the experience needed to illustrate capable leadership skills.

  • Mentors meet with their rangatahi at least once a month
  • Mentors provide advice and guidance in relations to career and personal development
  • Mentors support their rangatahi by providing opportunities that their rangatahi can attend.

As a mentor, not only do you assist in growing the rangatahi, but you also gain the experience of working with young people who are  passionate and dedicated to changing the world.

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