Huka i roto nga akoranga a kura

"The Sugar in Schools Study - The secrets of sugar" is based on a research study we are currently running in the Far North- if you, your tamariki or someone you know is a part of this study check out our video below. 

This presentation touches on the impact sugar has on our body and how it can contribute to us developing metabolic diseases. Metabolic diseases, like diabetes and gout heavily affect our whānau and community therefore this is an important discussion. 

Together with The MOKO Foundation, researchers from distinguished Universities have already started divulging into genetic and other research based investigations, specifically for Māori and rural populations.

Our guest speaker from the University of Auckland who is a local to Kaitaia- Professor Peter Shepard explains the difference between glucose and fructose and the effects of excess fructose on the body. In this interactive presentation the Moko team demonstrates the use of devices called breathalysers, that detect if someone is a high fructose absorber or low fructose absorber.

If you want to know more or would like your school to be involved in this research opportunity, contact Moko Foundation’s Health Research Co-ordinator Rhiaan Smith: