Chelmer supports iMOKO with Christmas donation

In the true spirit of Christmas, financial services software company Chelmer made a donation to the iMOKO programme in lieu of traditional gifts to their clients at the end of last year.

Tia Ashby, iMOKO™ programme manager says the donation will improve many lives.

“We have a waiting list of schools who desperately need but are unable to afford the programme, and so Chelmer’s donation will provide an entire school of approximately 100 children to have access to the programme.”

“The programme is particularly valuable to the families that endure barriers to accessing primary care services, as the point of care diagnostic support enables a swift response to their health needs, that ultimately contributes towards improving their child’s health and educational outcomes”.

One of New Zealand’s top fintech providers, Chelmer provide specialist software solutions to the financial services industry across Asia Pacific, including banks, wealth, fund management, trust, asset and stockbroking firms. Driven by their purpose: ‘to improve lives’, their mission is to make wealth creation simple so that every individual has the opportunity to create and accumulate wealth.

Alin Ungureanu, Chelmer CEO says Chelmer and iMOKO™’s aligned purpose was one of the things that drew them to the programme.

“As a technology company, we truly believe in the power of technology to overcome barriers and make a significant impact on people’s lives.” says Alin.

“Like iMOKO™, we too hope to improve lives through our software. For us, this means making wealth creation simple for our clients and hence more accessible to everyone. Where we can, we look to amplify our purpose and make a wider impact, so we look to support organisations and programmes like iMOKO™ that are utilising technology to achieve positive outcomes for people in need.”

“iMOKO™’s innovative approach to healthcare was another reason why the programme appealed so much” he says. “We’re delighted to support a programme that is taking such an innovative approach to the delivery of essential, primary care”.

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