MOKO Foundation Youth Leadership Summit

MOKO Foundation Youth Leadership Summit

He Kuaka Mārangaranga, Robett Hollis and Dr Lance O'Sullivan presented at the MOKO Foundation Youth Leadership Summit on 24th May at Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae. Ngā Kuaka shared their experience in New York at the United Nations Forum then Robett Hollis spread his wisdom on entrepreneurialism, business and how far a determined mindset can get you. Rangatahi in attendance were hyped with motivation, hope and energy to build a better tomorrow.  

Some tips on leadership and success from Robett Hollis: 

1. Have patience for the long game but don't forget execution in the short game

2. Set yourself the vision of where you want to be

3. Go on the offensive not the defensive

4. It's about both speed and measured thinking

5. Represent who you are to the world

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Posted: Thu 24 May 2018