Our People Working For Our Community

We have a team of highly skilled leaders and experts in their respective fields governing our organisation.  Each of our Trustees brings a unique set of knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to the table and appreciates the shared responsibility they have to uphold our strategic direction.

  • Dr Lance O'Sullivan | Founder & Chair
  • Tracy O'Sullivan | Founder & Trustee
  • Ezekiel Raui | Trustee
Ezekiel Raui | Trustee

Ezekiel Raui | Trustee

Ko Mātai te maunga tapu
Ko Hokianga te moana-nui
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua me Mamari ōku waka
Ko Ruanui raua ko Nukutawhiti ōku rangatira
Ko Motukaraka te marae
Ko Ngai Tupoto te hapu
Ko Te Rarawa ki Hokianga te iwi

Ezekiel is the newest and youngest member of our Board of Trustees.  He brings to the table a vast portfolio of achievements, accolades and experience, including a Bachelor of Business double major in management and marketing.

Ezekiel is one of two New Zealand winners of the Queen's Young Leaders 2017 Awards.  He was nominated for his work around leadership and mental health and will receive the award from the Queen at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace. 

Ezekiel believes the future of Māori lies in the ability to walk coherently in both Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pākeha.