Conor O'Sullivan | Innovation Hub Co-ordinator

Conor O'Sullivan | Innovation Hub Co-ordinator

Ki te taha o toku papa
Ko Taumatamahoe te maunga
Ko Tangonge te awa
Ko Tinana te waka
Ko Te Rarawa te marae
Ko Ngāti Te Ao te hapu
Ko Te Rarawa te iwi
Ko Tumoana te tangata

Ki te taha o toku mama
Ko Ngongotaha te maunga
Ko Rotoruanui o Kahumatamoemoe te moana
Ko Tunohope te marae
Ko Ngāti Whakaue te hapu
Ko Te Arawa te iwi
Ko Tamatekapua te tangata

I have recently graduated, having completed the Degree of Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Auckland.  I am pleased to have the opportunity to work for both The MOKO Foundation and iMOKO (Navilluso Medical Limited).  My degree in population helath has prepared me well for working within these two organisations and I look forward to continuing my commitment to improving Māori health, starting with the Far North.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work within an organisation that prioritises Māori and advocates for the people and communities who need the most support.  Throughout my degree at University I have understood the pathway to ensuring equality within society, whether it be in health, education or culture, is to give more to people who have the least.  This approach to addressing the inequities that heavily affect the progression of our Māori communities is what makes the work we do at The MOKO Foundation very rewarding and worthwhile.

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