2016 Tackling Poverty NZ Workshops

2016 Tackling Poverty NZ Workshops

On 16 September our General Manager, Deidre Otene, presented at the 2016 Tackling Poverty NZ workshops, held in Kaitaia and Kaikohe.

Deidre's presentation focused on three key ideas: economic development, intergenerational leadership and improving health outcomes.  Deirdre asked: where do our values sit in overcoming poverty for the Far North?  To answer this question, Deidre asserted that we need to ensure the following:

  • That we have the healthiest population in the world, where families can provide healthy, warm homes, sustenance (food, clean water) and sustainability (income) for their children
  • That employment, enterprise and education is an aspiration and reality for our people
  • That decision making at a national, local and iwi level is made by leaders skilled and connected to achieving the best for the Far North.

The workshops were convened and hosted by the McGuinness Institute... Read more

Posted: Fri 16 Sep 2016